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ABC Serving  Parts of  New Hampshire and Massachusetts Since 1984  ¨A State Licensed Home Inspection Company¨

  • Licensed Home Inspectors in NH & MA

  • Licensed Construction Supervisors & Builders

  • Licensed & Certified Heating System Technicians

  • Licensed Exterminators

  • Licensed Real Estate Agents

  • College Educated Inspectors

  • Licensed Refrigerant & Recovery Technicians

  • Hud 203-K Consultants

  • Licensed Instructors for Banks and Real Estate Programs

  • Certified Home Inspection Instructors

  • Licensed Real Estate Instructors

  • Members of NEARST

  • Notary Public

  • Um Inspector Fala Portuguese

  • Certified home improvement contractors

  • Certified lead safe renovators

  • FHA - VA termite and wood boring insect inspectors

  • Certified contractor instructors

  • Licensed EPA-DOS RRP instructors

NH information: Late on Friday 3-27-2020 The Governor of NH stated:

Real Estate Transactions/ Agents/Brokers
•         Meetings between brokers/agents and clients (or prospective clients) cannot take place at a real estate brokerages' physical offices but may take place with social distancing or remotely by phone, video or other electronic means.
•         Showings of homes or other properties may take place by appointment and with appropriate social distancing measures.
•         Real estate closings can continue, either through remote means or with social distancing for any in-person transactions.
•         Property inspections and appraisals may continue with appropriate social distancing.
•         Open houses are not permitted.

MA information: Earlier today (3-31-2020), Governor Baker made two important announcements concerning real estate: 

Real Estate as an Essential Business

The essential business list has been updated and now includes residential and commercial real estate. This means that in addition to continuing regular practice within current health and safety guidelines, Realtors® may open their brick and mortar offices on April 1 to workers, clients, and the general public. MAR urges members to exercise extreme caution in doing so and to continue practicing remotely as much as possible. Please note that just because you CAN open your business office on April 1, does not mean that you HAVE to open and you CAN remain practicing remotely.

The revised business list also permits the opening of brick-and-mortar offices for real estate support services including those providing title searches, notarization, and recording services.

ABC HOME INSPECTION INC. has been in business since 1984. We have performed more than 250,000 home inspections in MA and NH. We have a full time staff of home inspectors that are fully licensed and extremely experienced seasoned professionals. Our home inspectors are not only licensed home inspectors, they are also licensed construction supervisors, exterminators, and heating technicians. Each of our inspectors have inspected thousands of houses over many full time years. ABC Home Inspection Inc. is also a state approved home inspection training provider to the home inspection industry in both MA and NH. The Inspection industry looks to ABC Home Inspection Inc. for their training needs. 

Due to the Corona Virus at this time we are asking that only the Real Estate Agents and Buyers be present at the home inspection.

Our full-time inspection staff is comprised of:

Why ABC?


We are dedicated to providing thorough quality home inspections in full compliance with industry standards and relevant state laws.
To provide the highest quality objective inspection with our clients interest as our main objective. We owe our fiduciary to you our clients.
To be the best we can be by requiring continuing education of all our inspectors on a regular basis.
To be available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you through the home buying experience.