ABC Serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts Since 1984

¨A State Licensed Home Inspection Company¨


The TRAINING and LICENSING REQUIREMENTS of ABC Home Inspection Inc. are ABOVE and BEYOND other inspection companies. ABC home inspectors are trained for over one year. Each inspector attends trade and technical schools and performs 250 inspections with a senior inspector prior to his first solo inspection.

ABC Home Inspection is also a state approved home inspection education provider, other companies look to us for their continuing education needs.

Our full-time inspection staff is comprised of:

  • Licensed Home Inspectors in NH & MA
  • Licensed Construction Supervisors & Builders
  • Licensed & Certified Heating System Technicians
  • Licensed Exterminators
  • Licensed Real Estate Agents
  • College Educated Inspectors
  • Licensed Refrigerant & Recovery Technicians
  • Hud 203-K Consultants
  • Licensed Instructors for Banks and Real Estate Programs
  • Certified Home Inspection Instructors
  • Licensed Real Estate Instructors
  • Members of NEARST
  • Notary Public
  • Um Inspector Fala Portuguese
  • Certified home improvement contractors
  • Certified lead safe renovators
  • FHA - VA termite and wood boring insect inspectors
  • Certified contractor instructors
  • Licensed EPA-DOS RRP instructors
  • AARST-NRPP Nationally Radon Proficiency Certification

Andrew Consoli's QUALIFICATIONS: 

  • Licensed Home Inspector in MA & NH
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor
  • Instructor for Genesis Program 
  • Licensed Heating System Technician
  • Licensed Exterminator
  • Certified Home Inspection Instructor
  • Certified A/C, Refrigerant & Recovery Tech.
  • Instructor for MA Board of Realtors G.R.I. Program
  • ITI Trained
  • Certified Enviro Septic leaching system (installer)
  • Certified home improvement contractor
  • Certified lead safe renovator, moderate risk deleader, supervisor
  • FHA - 203 K Consultant
  • State approved construction supervisor continuing education instructor
  • Certified RRP-EPA & DOS renovator instructor
  • EPA Certified RRP Instructor
  • Certified MA.DOS RRP Instructor
  • IEE Certified Mold Inspector

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ABC HOME INSPECTION INC. has been in business since 1984.We have performed more than 175,000 home inspections in MA and NH. We have a full time staff of home inspectors that are fully licensed and extremely experienced seasoned professionals. Our home inspectors are not only licensed home inspectors, they are also licensed construction supervisors, exterminators, and heating technicians. Each of our inspectors have inspected thousands of houses over many full time years. ABC Home Inspection Inc. is also a state approved home inspection training provider to the home inspection industry in both MA and NH. The Inspection industry looks to ABC Home Inspection Inc. for their training needs.

ABC Home Inspection Inc. has been teaching the home inspection process for buyers programs at  banks, Mortgage companies, Real estate companies, cities and towns,  attorneys etc. We are available to any organization who is in need of  a home inspection program. We have taught 1st time buyers programs for more than 25 years. We are also available for presentations at any social club and organization, e.g. Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary clubs etc.  Call to make arrangements.


We are dedicated to providing thorough quality home inspections in full compliance with industry standards and relevant state laws.

To provide the highest quality objective inspection with our clients interest as our main objective. We owe our fiduciary to you our clients.

To be the best we can be by requiring continuing education of all our inspectors on a regular basis.

To be available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you through the home buying experience.

Andrew Consoli - Founder and President 

About Us

Andrew B. Consoli is the owner of ABC Home Inspection, Inc. Andrew started the business in 1984 and has personally inspected more than 15,000 houses. The company has inspected over 175,000 houses.

Curriculum Development: 
Andrew Edited and approved Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) courses.  Andy was on the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission education committee. Andy has developed and teaches over 75 real estate, home inspector, and contractor courses also developed and teaches state and nationally approved home inspection courses, also has New Hampshire real estate courses approved for Internet and correspondence and live presentations. Andrew has also produced a real estate salespersons and brokers DVD course and online classes.   

Instruction Activities: 
Andrew teaches four courses for Mass GRI.  He teaches on a regular basis for more than a dozen real estate boards, including but not limited to Berkshire, Tri-County, Cape Cod, Eastern Middlesex, North Shore, Worcester, Springfield, Boston, etc…..  He also teaches for Century-21 Council.  He has also taught at conventions for Massachusetts Board, Springfield, Carlson GMAC, Jack Conway Realtors, Etc.  Andrew Teaches pre-license sales, broker, continuing education, state approved home inspector courses, contractor, and EPA, DOS RRP courses.   

Andrew has written over 75 courses for real estate, sales and broker courses, home inspection and contractor courses. Also, produced the ABC Real Estate Salesperson DVD Course, Contractor, Real Estate and Home Inspector online courses.

Participation in Realtors® Organization:
Andrew was on the education committee’s for New Hampshire Board. Andrew performs seminars for low income, first time home buyers for city of Haverhill, Lowell, Amesbury and Lawrence.  He holds classes in Spanish for the Spanish speaking community in Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill.  Andrew teaches over 500 Classes annually.  Andrew is a certified Fair Housing Instructor through MCAD.   

Andrew has been teaching real estate, home inspector, and contractor courses for over 25 years.  He is the owner of a state licensed real estate school (ABC Real Estate Training Institute).  He is a certified real estate instructor in New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well as the owner of ABC Home Inspection, Inc.. He is a member of REEA (Real Estate Educators Association) and NEARST (New England Association of Radon Scientist).  He was on the education committee of New Hampshire Real Estate Commission.  He has received Official Citation from Massachusetts State Senate in recognition for years of support in first time buyer’s education.  2006 Real Estate Educator of the year for the North Shore Board of Realtors, nominated real estate instructor for the Massachusetts Board of the Realtors in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and most recently nominated for 2012 Instructor of the Year Award.  

Additional Comments:
His courses are taught with PowerPoint and multi-media and he teaches over 75 courses including brokers and sales person classes. He is one of the busiest real estate instructors in the state.   Andrew holds several state licenses.  He is a licensed real estate Broker in MA & NH, exterminator, construction supervisor, air conditioning technician, heating technician, 203 K consultant, past Title V inspector, real estate instructor, home inspector, certified home improvement contractor, certified lead safe renovator, supervisor moderate risk deleader, EPA & DOS RRP Instructor, state approved construction supervisor instructor, home inspector instructor, and real estate instructor..