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ABC Serving  Parts of  New Hampshire and Massachusetts Since 1984  ¨A State Licensed Home Inspection Company¨

  • Licensed Home Inspectors in NH & MA

  • Licensed Construction Supervisors & Builders

  • Licensed & Certified Heating System Technicians

  • Licensed Exterminators

  • Licensed Real Estate Agents

  • College Educated Inspectors

  • Licensed Refrigerant & Recovery Technicians

  • Licensed Instructors for Banks and Real Estate Programs

  • Certified Home Inspection Instructors

  • Licensed Real Estate Instructors

  • Members of NEARST

  • Notary Public

  • Um Inspector Fala Portuguese

  • Certified home improvement contractors

  • Certified lead safe renovators

  • FHA - VA termite and wood boring insect inspectors

  • Certified contractor instructors

  • Licensed -DOL RRP instructors

ABC Home Inspection Inc. is not only a licensed home inspection company, but we are also a MA and NH approved home inspector continuing education provider. We educate home inspectors in MA and NH. We also provide the needed education for real estate agents and contractors. We are available for pre purchase inspections, post purchase inspections, informational purposes only inspections. Waving a home inspection is incredibly dangerous and may be a giant mistake. Be very careful. 

We hope to be part of your team of professionals. Most of our business comes from referrals from our 275,000 thousand happy homeowner clients.

ABC HOME INSPECTION INC. has been in business since 1984. We have performed more than 275,000 home inspections in MA and NH. We have a full time staff of home inspectors that are fully licensed and extremely experienced seasoned professionals. Our home inspectors are not only licensed home inspectors, they are also licensed construction supervisors, exterminators, and heating technicians. Each of our inspectors have inspected thousands of houses over many full time years. ABC Home Inspection Inc. is also a state approved home inspection training provider to the home inspection industry in both MA and NH. The Inspection industry looks to ABC Home Inspection Inc. for their training needs. 

Our full-time inspection staff is comprised of:

Why ABC?


We are dedicated to providing thorough quality home inspections in full compliance with industry standards and relevant state laws.
To provide the highest quality objective inspection with our clients interest as our main objective. We owe our fiduciary to you our clients.
To be the best we can be by requiring continuing education of all our inspectors on a regular basis.
To be available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you through the home buying experience.