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ABC Serving  Parts of  New Hampshire and Massachusetts Since 1984  ¨A State Licensed Home Inspection Company¨

Inspected Items and areas 
Cabinets, Counter Tops, Stove, Oven, Trash Compactor, Refrigerator, Dishwasher Sink, Range Hood Vent, Floor Covering, GFCI, Disposal, Shower, Tub, Toilet, Floor Covering, Exhaust, Jet Tub
ABC Additional Optional Inspections 

  • FHA-VA termite reports
  • FHA-VA water quality reports
  • Radon in air and water reports
  • (EDR) Environmental Data research report
  • Mold Sampling
  • Termite/wood boring insect reports

Click here for info on the EDR Report

Roof Covering, Visible Layers, Metal Edging, Soil Vents, Flashing, Gutters, Roof Ventilation, Attic Insulation, Roof Framing, Chimneys, Chimney Clean out Doors or Cap, Whole House Fan
Visible Water Pipes, Visible Corrosion, Piping Supports, visible Leaks, Functional Flow, Washer and Dryer Connection, Water Supply, Visible Supply Pipe, Main Shutoff, Pump Operation, Visible Soil Pipe, Clean Out Location, Visible Fixture Drains, Water Heater, Outside Faucets, Water Filters
Walls, Floor Covering, Ceilings, Stairs, Railings, Doors, Windows, Skylights, Settlement, Fireplace, Solid Fuel Stove, Two Egresses per unit, Visible Water Stains, Central Air Conditioning
Optional Inspections:
Water Quality, termites and Wood-boring Insects, Radon and more.

Foundation, Cellar Floor Surface, Sills, Girders, Floor Joists, Bridging, Lally Columns, insulation, Windows, Bulkhead or Walkout, Sump Pump, Dampness, Visible Evidence of Water Seepage, Cellar Stairs, Readily Visible Crawl Spaces
Central Heat Plant, Visible Heat Exchanger, Air Filters, Blowers, Visible Duct work, Humidifiers, Baseboards, Radiators, Visible Pipes, circulators, Pressure Relief Valve, Back Flow Preventer,Draft Regulator, Flue Pipe, Box Liner, Emergency Switch, Space Heater, Readily Visible Oil Tank, Chimney, Overhead Protection, Asbestos.
Main and Feeder Panel Location, Amp Service, Voltage, Visible Wiring, Service Entry Wires, Branch Circuit Wires, Service Ground, Visible Receptacles, Outside Receptacles with GFCI, Door Bells, Lighting Fixtures, Lights at Outside Egresses, Attic Lights, Intercom, Central Vacuum, Drip Loop, Service Entrance
"We provide full home inspections in MA & NH" We also provide pre-purchase inspections, post purchase inspections, and for informational purposes only inspections. 

At ABC Home Inspection Inc. we inform you of the home's conditions at the time of inspection. We complete a 60 to 80 page detailed computerized report that is e-mailed to the client on the day of the inspection. This report will outline visible needed repairs and conditions of the home on the day of inspection. 

Home Inspections

Grading, Driveway, Walkways, Siding, Cladding, Wall Structure, Soffits, Eaves, Fascias, Rake Boards, Corner Boards, Exterior Stairs, Porches, Decks, Garage, Storm Windows, Grass, Shrubs, Bushes, Tree Branches, Shed, Retaining Walls